Item #15469 The Narrows [Harry Bosh #10]. Michael Connelly.
The Narrows [Harry Bosh #10]
The Narrows [Harry Bosh #10]
The Narrows [Harry Bosh #10]
The Narrows [Harry Bosh #10]
The Narrows [Harry Bosh #10]

The Narrows [Harry Bosh #10]

Tucson: Dennis McMillan Publications, 2004. Limited Edition. Hardcover in Dust Jacket with a slipcase.

Limited edition of 506 copies. 156 copies bound in quarter-morocco and are signed and hand-lettered by the author This is “DDDDD”. [The remaining 350 are in cloth and numbered].

Fine in a Fine Dust Jacket and housed in a sturdy black slipcase.
No Flaws or Blemishes; Gift Quality.

Fine / Fine. Item #15469

Background Information:
The Narrows is the 14th novel by American crime author Michael Connelly, and the tenth featuring the Los Angeles detective Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch.

The Narrows places Harry Bosch in league with Rachel Walling, at odds with the FBI, and squarely in the path of the most ruthless and ingenious murderer in Los Angeles’s history.

What follows is a taut and tantalizing mystery that has Harry Bosch racing from the hostile vistas of the Nevada desert to the glittering Las Vegas Strip to the dark corners of Los Angeles.

Through it all, Bosch works at his newfound life as father to a young daughter, balancing the deepest love he has ever felt with his own sense of mission and his deep awareness of evil.

Here is what Michael Connelly said about The Narrows:
“This Harry Bosch novel is the sequel to The Poet — something for years I said I wasn’t interested in doing but could not avoid once the idea came to me. Harry investigates the death of a cop he once worked with and that leads him into the path of the Poet. Terry McCaleb and Rachel Walling make appearances in this book, and if you look hard enough you’ll even catch a glimpse of what Cassie Black (Void Moon) is up to.”

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