Enigma. Robert Harris.


New York: Random House Inc, 1995. First American Edition. Fine Hardcover in a Fine Dust Jacket.

England 1943. Much of the infamous Nazi Enigma code has been cracked. But Shark, the impenetrable operational cipher used by Nazi U-boats, has masked the Germans' movements, allowing them to destroy a record number of Allied vessels. Feeling that the blood of Allied sailors is on their hands, a top-secret team of British cryptographers works feverishly around the clock to break Shark. And when brilliant mathematician Tom Jericho succeeds, it is the stuff of legend. . . .

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ISBN: 0679428879

Background Information / Review

At the heart of Britain's most precious World War II secret, breaking the Germans' codes, lurks a spy who might be tipping off the enemy. Enter genius cryptanalyst Tom Jericho, who discovers that a woman with whom he had a sexual encounter has stolen some undeciphered cryptograms. When she disappears to boot, alarms galore ring off as the Foreign Office starts investigating, and Jericho conducts a solo, unauthorized inquiry.

The suspect's roommate, the mousy Hester Wallace, joins forces with Jericho, and they decipher the stolen messages--reports of the German discovery of the Katyn Forest massacre. But why should the traitor pinch that news for the Germans, thus letting them know that their Enigma coding system was compromised? Perhaps over intricately, Harris buries the motivation until Jericho ends up in the hospital and the spy ends up dead.

Needing a resolution, Harris sends an official to Jericho's bedside to unwind the whole balled-up mystery. Though not providing quite the edge-of-seat thrill as Fatherland (1992), Harris' spy riddle should snare espionage readers, whose antennae will intercept the publicity alerts. [Gilbert Taylor]

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